If you’ve got some time during the week to meet with local schools, clubs and businesses, we could make a great team.  MiFile offers a way to earn regular commission on any direct sales you make through our affiliate programme.
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MiFile is an affordable solution that benefits people all over the world by connecting them with loved ones when they need them most. We’re not looking for quick salesmen to spend all day on the phone wrestling pennies from people. The benefits are clear, which is why we partner with local and trusted community voices to raise awareness of the service.

Here’s why:

  1. So that people recognise the service, look for the MiFile ID and are able to respond quickly; and
  2. So that people can benefit from having a voice when they can’t speak for themselves.

You could be the right voice for us; whether you’re a stay at home mum with some time on your hands, a builder who knows everyone in the area or a retired person looking to stay involved with the people around you.

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After reviewing each application, we give you a unique ‘affiliate link’.  Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated.  This is simply a link that people put on their sites that allow us to see who has referred potential subscribers to the service.

For each person that then subscribes by following this link, we pay commission to you and to the company hosting the link.  It’s as simple as that.

Most of what you need to know is available on our site and you can easily demonstrate the service as long as you have a smartphone, laptop or tablet to access the internet.  We also provide training information to give you everything we think will help you in your discussions.

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