MiFile helps emergency services

How we Assist Emergency Services

MiFile helps emergency services

We recognise the heroic work that emergency services provide on a daily basis. Our mission is to provide assistance that enables them to make informed decisions faster, providing enhanced tailored care to individuals that are unconscious, confused, in shock or unable to speak.


Emergency service care teams can register their organisation with MiFile for free. This will enable access to an individual’s full profile, as well as the giving them the ability to notify key contacts via email and SMS.


  • Quick and secure access to an individual’s personal health information
  • The ability to provide immediate tailored care
  • Details on care wishes, whether religious or dietary
  • The ability to notify key contacts via SMS and email

Partnerships matter. Our aim is to work with emergency services to increase awareness of the MiFile service globally, as well as educate and inform.


  1. Register as an authorised company to gain access to our system.
  2. In an emergency, identify the unique MiFile ID – 2 letters, 8 numbers and a letter – and login to access information shared only with the Emergency Service teams.
  3. Access the user care and medical details, as well as being able to enter a message to be emailed or SMSd to their key contacts.

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