MiFile - It is for everyone

Is MiFile For You?

MiFile is for everybody. Here’s why…

It connects you with loved ones in an emergency

If someone you love is in an accident or an emergency, possibly unconscious or unable to communicate, MiFile gives concerned individuals and care services the ability to notify their key contacts via SMS and email. Likewise, if you’re ever in a situation and unable to speak, kind Samaritans and care services can notify your key contacts, connecting you with the people who love you. It doesn’t matter who you are – a parent or child, an adventure seeker, a traveller, a sports fanatic, elderly, frail, someone living with a condition – or even none of the above; by subscribing to MiFile you can ensure that no matter where you are in the world, if you run into trouble your loved ones will know about it.

It says what you can’t when time is of the essence

The ability to make decisions quickly is vital – and made all the more tricky if you’re unconscious, in shock or confused. By wearing a MiFile bracelet, you give first on scene individuals and care services the ability to log into a profile and access details about your health, your allergies, your medication and preferred care wishes, including religious and dietary. This way you can ensure you’ll receive tailored care by an informed team and that your loved ones are notified instantly.

It puts the power in your hands

You decide what information to share and what to keep private. If you’re subscribing on behalf of a child or an elderly parent, for instance, you may choose to make allergies, medication and specific conditions publically accessible. That means that in the event of an emergency anyone can assist by looking up their MiFile ID number and taking appropriate action; a teacher at your child’s school may be able to identify an allergic reaction, or someone may be able to identify your parent with Alzheimer’s. Additionally, any information you make private can only be accessed by emergency services. You control your privacy settings, and your key contacts can rest assured that if they’re ever contacted via email or SMS, it’s only from authorised care organisations.

Subscribtions start from as little as £1 a month

Everyone can afford the peace of mind that MiFile brings. If the thought of knowing that you and your loved ones are spoken for in case of an emergency appeals, then MiFile is for for you.

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