MiFile Web Summit

MiFile proudly selected for Web Summit Alpha Program 2015

MiFile Web Summit

MiFile has been hand-selected as one of the most promising early-stage start-ups in the world to exhibit at this year’s Web Summit! That means in a few short weeks we’ll be heading to Dublin to attend a highly anticipated event that’s been called ‘the best technology conference on the planet’. To say we’re elated is an understatement!

Why Web Summit is a big deal

Web Summit has grown from 450 attendees to over 30 000 in just a few years. Giants like Google, Apple, Facebook, Disney, Nike and Amazon have all participated in the manic two day exhibition along with more of the most iconic brands in the world.

The Alpha Program is specifically designed to give promising new start-ups the opportunity to exhibit for a fraction of the price that established tech empires pay, thereby enabling fledgling companies like us to benefit from the exact same media exposure and networking opportunities that larger brands are privy to.

After MiFile applied to be part of this coveted program, we underwent a lengthy interview about the status of the company, its core values, purpose and ‘go-to market strategy’. With global media, influential investors, Fortune 500 companies and some of the most exciting start-ups from around the globe all converging to change technology, business and the world as we know it at Web Summit, it’s an incredible honour to have been chosen.

We hope to form lasting partnerships

The opportunity to showcase our brand to investors at Web Summit is invaluable. But more than that, we hope to walk away with impeccable partnerships because at its core, MiFile exists to help people when it matters most. Our most valuable objective is to join forces with individuals and companies that want to make a real difference to their customers, employees and communities.

MiFile is a CareTech revolution, in as much as we empower people to communicate and care for those around us in an emergency. By joining forces with partners who are passionate about corporate social responsibility and having an impact, we can raise awareness, increase reach and help MiFile grow to its full potential. And that means we can help more people. See our CSR infographic to find out why it’s so important.

With our simple, global solution, everyone can help and everyone is connected. This is the core of our Web Summit adventure.

If you’re attending too – get in touch and let’s start doing good!