MiFile - Working with Charities

Providing Better Care, Together


MiFile was created from the honest desire to solve a problem. By giving people a voice they can trust, in a situation where they can’t speak for themselves, we hope to deliver peace of mind and the ability for loved ones to connect in an emergency. But we’re also a part of a bigger care network.

We operate within a wider network of companies and organisations offering care services. A significant part of this community is made up of charities who work to improve the quality of life for their members through various campaigns – whether through raising awareness or funding research.

If you’re a charity interested in getting involved – we’d love to partner with you.


We recognise the huge value that charities already provide in raising awareness and custom care to their members. Whether groups deal with medical conditions, allergies or mental health, MiFile can assist them in extending the services they already provide.

MiFile can benefit these organisations by not only enabling them to provide personalised care, but also by:

  • Providing login details to MiFile within 24 hours of registration
  • Promoting organisations as having access to the service
  • Supplying downloadable educational items
  • Providing support in raising donations through partnership programs


One of our core principles is to be an ethical company, and where suitable we will work with charities to contribute up to 30% of the first year’s subscription for any new MiFile user.

Whether you’re operating a local, national or international charity, find out more about us to see how we can work with you.