MiFile, So Much More than a Medical Bracelet

“We combine the global reach and flexibility of the internet, with a simple to identify and access ID number, on a device that fits your lifestyle. This means you’re in safe hands wherever you are.” – Neil Meyer, Founder and CEO of MiFile


Our solution is specifically about care and connection. Most of our users don’t have a medical condition or allergy, but still will want the peace of mind that comes with knowing someone will be contacted if they can’t speak for themselves. One of the main reasons our service exists is to connect people when they need it most.


We give you the power to communicate your specific care wishes in an emergency, as well as update them regularly. This includes your religious or dietary needs, medication list, allergies and conditions – and a link to your key contacts.


You can check someone’s MiFile ID even if you don’t know them. This gives you access to information they’ve made public and a list of preset messages which can be sent to key contacts via SMS and email. MiFile gives you the power to connect loved ones in an emergency.


MiFile is online. That means your health, care and key contact details aren’t engraved and unchangeable – a challenge with most bracelet solutions – and this means they can be updated as often as needed. MiFile grows with you, and changes when you do. Update it whenever you want – during your lunch break in the office or at home in front of the TV – all without having to pick up the phone and contact anyone else.  It’s the information that’s most important to you and those you care about, so we’re not putting any layers between you and the control or management of that information.



We’re fanatical about your privacy. You’re free to put whatever information you want to on your profile with the comfort of knowing that you control the privacy settings completely. Many people have conditions they aren’t happy discussing with others, but which might prove very important in a medical situation – here you can record that and limit it only to the Emergency Service teams.

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