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When Adventure Calls, You Ride [Infographic]

In honour of Bike Week 2015, we’re looking at cycling stats in the UK and a new way that cyclists can protect themselves on the roads.   

If you’re one of the 4.64 million people who cycle on a regular basis for work, training or leisure, you’re not only more likely to live two years longer than the rest of us for being incredibly fit, you’re also making a positive contribution to the national economy.

And like most regular riders, you’re also probably hyper-aware of safety. Especially when considering that, according to research done in the UK, a cyclist is involved in a road traffic accident every other hour in Greater London.

Did you know?

  • Around 80% cycling accidents happen in broad daylight
  • 16% are due to a cyclist losing control
  • 80% of these casualties are men
  • The most dangerous hours for cyclists are between 3-6pm and 8-9am on weekdays
  • Most accidents in the dark are likely to be fatal

2013 saw almost 20,000 injuries reported due to cycling. Of these, around 16,186 were slight and 3,143 were serious, with 109 fatalities.

And although these numbers are rising each year, so is the number of people taking to the streets on bikes.

Keep Cycling

If you love riding, figures and statistics certainly shouldn’t keep you off the pedals. Whether you’re a daily commuter or an occasional rider, the most important thing you can do is be aware, educate those around you, keep safe, and ride. Visit Bike Week and see how the biggest nationwide cycling event in the UK encourages over half a million people to rethink everyday journeys.

MiFile cycling-infographic

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