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A MiFile Membership Card provides a way to connect you with the people you care about in an emergency.  The Membership is valid for 1-Year and also makes an ideal gift – perfect care for a business trip or for a Gap Year adventure.

All payments are secured with Paypal, and you can also select multiple cards during your checkout on Paypal.

The Membership includes two parts; a credit card sized part to go in your wallet or purse, and a key ring sized part.  Both have your unique MiFile ID, doubling your chances at getting quick tailored care.

All subscriptions are subject to agreement of our terms of service.
Where should we ship to?
Membership card front
Back of Membership card and key fob


The Membership Card(s) will be sent to your address as stored with Paypal.   Once you have the card, simply go online and activate them here.  To activate the card, scratch off the foil panel on the front and enter the unique code.

The card easily snaps into two parts – the credit card size and a key fob size.  Keep one in your wallet or purse, and put the other on your key ring.

It’s a simple as that.

The Membership will run for a year, during which time you can move to a subscription to continue benefiting from our service beyond the first year.