Check a MiFile ID

To view the publicly shared information provided by a subscriber, please enter the MiFile ID in the field above and select ‘check now’. The MiFile ID should be in the format of XX-0000000-X (two letters, seven numbers, and a letter).

Where to look for a MiFile ID

A large number of our users will have one of our MiFile silicon wristbands in white, black, green or blue. You should be able to quickly confirm if it is a MiFile wristband as our logo and the unique MiFile ID will be imprinted on it.

Some subscribers will also have customised their choice of device, so please check for engravings on bracelets, necklaces, watches or even cards in people’s wallets. Again, the device should have clearly shown with their unique MiFile ID.

What does a search result look like?

Sample ID Search Result

As you can see, we only share the information that helps identify the wearer of the MiFile ID number, and the information that they have chosen to share – such as medical and allergy information.

Anyone assisting can simply enter their own name, contact number and select from the drop down menu.  This message will then be sent via SMS and email to the wearer’s key contacts.

We never share anyone’s personal information – such as their name, email or telephone numbers.

What you choose to share is totally up to you. As you can see we don’t share your name, your address nor any details that give non authorised people access to contact you. Equally, we protect the identity of your key contacts, but we make sure they can still be contacted if you can’t speak for yourself.

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