MiFile wants to make the world a better place by offering a low cost way to deliver tailored care while giving everyone a secure way to connect with loved ones in an emergency.
We work with national and international partners to extend their brand exposure outside of traditional areas while enhancing their corporate social responsibility strategy. Working with MiFile offers brands a clear way to differentiate their product or service by demonstrating innovation, providing value to customers and doing good at the same time.
CSR planning


Corporate Social Responsibility – or CSR – is a management concept where companies integrate social and environmental concerns into their business, operations and interactions with their stakeholders. Doing good is good business. It gives brands and corporates the ability to impact the world around them, put thought into action and invest in people; from their own staff through to wider communities. View the infographic now.

Global brand reach


MiFile is a perfect way to generate awareness of your brand in areas that you don’t normally operate. Your financial service provider or telecoms brand is now seen every time your client or business associate starts their car, your beverage or consumer goods brand is seen each time they open their wallet; and in an emergency your brand is perceived as adding important value at a critical time.



Many businesses operate in highly mature markets where the ability to differentiate is vital to capture the attention and interest of new customers – or even to secure renewals with existing ones. Some businesses differentiate by offering a soft toy or a coupon. A MiFile subscription is different; it can make a real difference to someone at a critical time and connect people in the event of an emergency.

Innovation map


People are drawn to innovation, to start-ups and the creation of new services, ideas and inventions that make the world better or day to day lives easier. Pairing your brand with MiFile is a way to demonstrate your own support and interest in innovation. Our solution combines a low tech device with internet and mobile technology, to deliver real world value.


Contact us today to discuss how we can work with each other to increase your brand exposure, offer real value to your CSR efforts and provide a positive message that helps save lives.

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