Over 4.4 million British adults belong to gyms or leisure centres; and that isn’t counting the many people that get out on their bikes or put on their trainers for a regular run. While the attraction of getting out is undeniable, it means we’re seldom close to home if something goes wrong.

With the many technology solutions available, your phone and wearable devices are likely to be some of your best friends, monitoring your heartbeat, number of steps and even letting you log your calorie intake. Now with MiFile, you have a device you can trust when you can’t speak for yourself.

In an emergency anyone can help you quickly; all they need to do is identify your MiFile ID number – worn on a low tech wristband or other device that suits your lifestyle – and search for it on our secure server. This enables them to access shared health information and instantly send a SMS notification to your key contacts. Instant help, when you need it most.

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