MiFile is a unique service that can send an SMS to your loved ones in case you are in an accident and can’t speak for yourself. It can also help speed up your treatment by sharing key medical, allergy and care information.

It is inexpensive, secure and is for everyone.


We’re for mothers, fathers, children and grandparents. The sick, the old, the beautiful and the bold. We’re for everyone. Because everyone deserves support when it comes to their care and the care of their loved ones.

Family playing outside

From toddlers taking their first steps to teenagers pushing their luck, and even your own parents who still worry about you, no group of people is more important to you than family.

Train commuters

Daily commuters
The average UK worker commutes for over 200 hours a year, by car, train, bike and walking – and MiFile ensures you’re never alone during this time.


Active Sports
From crazy football meet-ups and contact sport to solo stunts and sky diving madness, MiFile is with you every step of the way.

Tuk tuk

From Plymouth to Phuket, most of us are travelling the world and exploring new places. With MiFile, no matter how far you go from home, there’s always a way to connect.

Jogging on a bridge

Fitness & Health
From bike rides and hikes to solo runners pounding the streets, health and wellbeing are part of your lifestyle. Whether you’re in a bustling city gym or hitting the track alone, MiFile keeps you connected in any emergency.

Students at festival

From all day lectures to all night parties, students are always chasing the next adventure. MiFile ensures that if they ever need you, you’ll be there.

Elderly couple on park bench

For the older and wiser: MiFile provides peace of mind not only for you, but for the family and friends who love and care for you.

Taking medication

Prescription medication
Over 20 million people in the UK take regular medication, with many taking more than three different medicines daily. MiFile ensures you can let the right people know when it counts.


Joining MiFile is simple. On our subscription page, choose how many people you want to sign up – remember you can also manage other people’s profiles, such as children or elderly parents. We offer monthly or annual subscription plans.

Device options

Device options
Our service is designed to be part of your lifestyle.  See some of the different ways you that might want to carry or wear your MiFile ID.

Locks on a fence

Security & Privacy
Two of our core values are Security and Privacy.  We take the trust you’ve given us very seriously and promise to guard it.

Hands holding globe

Global & Inclusive
Our service is designed to be global. In terms of accessibility and price, MiFile really is for everyone.