Here you can register for a free mobile lock screen, buy a combo-card or activate a card that you have received.

Free Mobile Lock Screen


Activate a Combo-card

Here you can create a free custom lock screen for your mobile phone.  This means anyone can help in an emergency without having to access your phone – which means your private data and applications stay secure.

We allow you upload your own background image and customise how your MiFile ID is displayed.  This is then emailed to you so that you can download and set the lock screen.

Our combo-card is made up of two parts; a credit card sized part to go in your wallet or purse, and a key fob to carry with your key or house keys.  Both parts have the same MiFile ID, unique to you.

The combo-cards are available for a one-off charge of £3, including postage and packaging for delivery in the UK.

Congratulations – you’ve either bought yourself a Combo-card or received one as a gift!  Simply scratch the foil panel on the front of the card to activate your card.

If you haven’t already done so, you can ‘snap’ the card into two parts – a wallet sized card and a key ring fob.  After you’ve completed your online profile you’ll be covered by our service in the event of an accident or emergency.

Delivery country


Our new combo-card provides two device options in one!  Simply snap the large card to have a credit card sized card and a key ring fob.  Both cards have clear instructions on how to provide assistance, and both have your unique MiFile ID.