Your choice of medical ID and emergency services is only effective if you’re wearing or carrying a device with you. With this in mind we’ve put together this post to help you decide which service best fits your lifestyle, for you and your family.


There are a selection of devices and applications available to provide additional information in case of an emergency, some with a specific focus on raising awareness of a medical condition, others make use of technology.  Finding the best fit for you and those you care about takes a little research and consideration which is why we’ve put together this chart to outlines some of the leading choices in emergency ID devices and services.

Medical ID comparison chart

For the purpose of this comparison we’ve selected some of the newer solutions that utilise technology or the internet (Medical ID on the iPhone and MiFile), with two of the more established and traditional providers (MedicAlert and SOS Talisman).


For people with an existing medical condition or with an allergy, having a device that clearly shows some sort of medical symbol is important.  You want to quickly draw people’s attention to your device in the event of an emergency so that they can deliver the best care.  These people should probably opt to wear a bracelet or pendant.  If your condition, allergy and medication are stable then having this information engraved on the device can be useful.

Best choices: MiFile, MedicAlert, Talisman SOS


Many people don’t have any medical condition but do want to have the security in knowing that someone can be contacted if they’re unable to speak due to an accident or injury.  In this event, having access to notify your key contacts is important – this may be through having contact numbers engraved or written on the device, or by utilising technology to access this via the internet.

Best choices: MiFile, Medical ID


If keeping your medical information and any contact details private is important to you, then an engraved solution or one that has been written down might not be as attractive an option.  Here you’re probably looking for something that can be accessed quickly and easily, but doesn’t explicitly show your details.  Again, this should be balanced by making sure that the device can quickly be recognised and accessed in an emergency.

Best choice: MiFile


To be effective the person wearing the emergency device must be comfortable.  Unfortunately some people are very uncomfortable wearing something that draws attention to them having any medical condition or allergies.  In this case it is important to have something that they like, that fits their lifestyle and can be worn without them feeling any stigma associated whilst still being accessible to anyone offering care.

Best choices: MiFile, Medical ID


For people who want to be able to manage their own information, such as any changes in medication or updated their key contacts, having access to their own information quickly is important.  Here engraved or written options are less attractive, instead a digital solution normally works better.

Best choices: MiFile, Medical ID


If you want the ability to manage your family’s medical data and care wishes – for example if you have teenage kids and elderly parents – you want a solution that allows you to log into one place to review and update information.  Here being able to see all subscriptions in one place is important, regardless of where you or your family are – you may be updating the information while on holiday, or when someone else in your family is away.

Best choice: MiFile