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Free, for good

In July, 2016, I decided to make MiFile free for everyone, for ever.  No ‘Freemium’, no add-ons, no ‘supported by adverts’.  Simply free.

This is an odd choice to make as an entrepreneur.  I felt that my lack of budget to hire a salesman and commit to a paid for marketing campaign was delaying the benefits for anyone wanting to use the service.  I’m also in a position where my day job covers my bills, so this can continue to be my passion.  So from December 2016 the service was made free and all existing subscriber pay plans cancelled.

Why is free important?

Most things seems to come with strings, however some of the great services out there are totally free and can make a real difference to a person.  Facebook and Twitter are great examples.  Nobody has to pay to connect on these social channels and the use of them can make a big difference to people connecting with friends and family, sharing their views and discovering thing that they would otherwise not normally have access to.

In the world of software, open source platforms and technologies allow people to build their own skills to compete at a fraction of what it might cost to do a computer related degree.  Similarly, sites like Code Academy, Coursera and Khan Academy all offer options to learn programming for free (with some also offering paid for courses).

And outside of software, you can learn millions of skills watching YouTube videos – yes, again for free!

‘Free’ takes away that initial hesitation to do something, it opens the possibility to grow and develop – and surely that is good for everyone.

Is MiFile really free, I mean really?

Yes.  MiFile is totally free to use.  And that doesn’t impact on your safety or privacy – we will never share any personal details.

We initially charged £10 ($13) per year or £1 ($1.30) per month.  We know this is great value, but with inflation going the way it is and the general feeling around the economy at the moment, there are people who need every penny to look after their family.  And with a larger family of four, five, six or more, this can start to make using the service seem more expensive.

I would hate for there to be an issue where someone is hurt and unable to connect with someone because they couldn’t afford £1 a month.

If we can help, you can help

The success of MiFile will grow as more people know about it.  If you’re using MiFile, or even if you just like the idea, take a minute to share what we’re doing through with your friends, family and colleagues.  The more people that know about us, the more likely you’ll have your laptop returned, be reunited with your lost dog or open your eyes after an emergency to see someone who cares.  Raising awareness and adoption are the most useful thing you can do if you like what we’re offering.

Thanks for reading and do let us know if you think you can help in any other way.