Tagging for items and pets

We are very happy to increase the MiFile service to include tagging more broadly – from your precious items to your precious pets!
sm-suitcase-tag sm-macbook-tag sm-snowboard-tag

The MiFile ID that you use to provide help in an emergency can now be used to reunite you with your items and your pets.  Anyone finding an item with your MiFile ID can now send you a secure message which you will receive via email.  So whether you’ve left your laptop on the train or your hound has run off, you can feel better knowing that you can be contacted quickly and securely.

To make the most of the tagging service, simply include the MiFile ID on a card or sticker, with clear details for someone to help, for example:

If found, please check this ID at AB-1234567-Z – Thank you!

In this way, it is very clear to anyone helping what to do, and where to go to access the service.