November 4th, at
V151 @ the Village Green


MiFile is exhibiting at WebSummit in Dublin, and we’d love to meet you.

Visit our stand on Wednesday to learn more about how we can assist with your own services or product offerings – to demonstrate innovation, provide additional value to your customers and help you differentiate.  As an early stage start-up, we’re looking for feedback and partnerships.



Our service can be included as a low cost, high value addition to most membership cards.  Whether you operate a health gym or a sports club, offering MiFile to your members means that you can make a key difference in the event of an accident, in a positive way, whilst extending you brand outside of the usual areas of engagement.

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Employee cards


Most organisations have staff cards that are used to provide entry and security control for their employees.  These cards can easily be enhanced to provide benefits to employees and their families.  This can be especially helpful for companies who have employees that travel, as MiFile is a global service.

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Event ticketing


From theme parks to music events, the addition of MiFile means you can offer a low cost benefit to visitors attending, which can also helps you provide better care in the event of an emergency.  Families split up in big crowds can quickly be re-united.  The ticket also has ongoing value, taking your brand well beyond the venue or event.

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Assisted living


For anyone providing services to the elderly or people living in assisted care, MiFile extends their independence whilst providing a simple way to contact loved ones in an emergency.  A MiFile ID can be worn on medical jewellery to highlight additional care, or carried less obviously on someone’s key ring – what the device is, is totally up to you.

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Contact us today to discuss how we can work with each other to increase your brand exposure, offer real value to your CSR efforts and provide a positive message that helps save lives.

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